World Meets Patch Adams of Philippines

World Meets Patch Adams of Philippines


Saving lives by day, prescribing laughters at night. He’s not your ordinary doctor, he could might as well be the ‘Patch Adams of the Philippines. 

One doctor proves that laughter is definitely the best medicine.  Nathaniel Cruz, a radiologist from St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City, is living a double life as a doctor by day, and an undercover comic by night being one of the rosters of the stand-up comic group, Comedy Manila.

Recently, he joined the competition, America Meet World, a US-based comedy video contest, which features comic stunts all around the globe.

Being the only Filipino among the participants, he topped 137 other entries as he was declared the winner with his video entitled “Junjun ang Pulubing Active sa Social Network episode 1 Gutom”.


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His entry features JunJun (played by Dr. Cruz himself), a beggar looking for something to eat. The start of the clip is set to a very serious tone that depicts hunger and poverty, real socio-economic problems in the Philippines today.

Getting to the climax, one boy willingly gave Junjun a box of food, which made him very ecstatic. When most people would expect he was happy because he can finally eat, Junjun gets his cellphone, started taking photos of the food, and disposed it just after he posted the photos in his social media account (Filipinos are known to be social media savvy, being just second to Brazil globally among countries with highest Facebook penetration according to a 2013 study by ComScore).

With 24, 185 views, and 14, 329 votes (99% of which saying his entry was funny), he was way ahead of his competitors (1st Runner up Nik Rabinowitz got 7709 views, and 8507 votes for his entry entitled America Meet Nik).

[pq]In a Q&A in the competition’s website, Dr. Cruz said he was dong hospital rounds when he learned he won.[/pq]


When asked what comedic dream he wants fulfilled one day, he said Definitely hosting a late night show, preferably without Leno lurking in the wings.”

He will be flying to New York this April to meet and get advice from award-winning executives of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.”

“I hope that my victory will pave the way for other Filipino comics to penetrate the international scene”, he said in his interview with Yahoo Philippines, March 5, 2014.