Sharp Releases Anti Viral, Bacterial, & Allergen Airconditioner

Sharp Releases Anti Viral, Bacterial, & Allergen Airconditioner


MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Your air conditioner may be blowing cool air, but is it clean? Now there’s an electrical unit that not only conditions air but also purifies it.   

In partnership with Sharp Corp. of Japan, Sharp (Philippines) Corp., is marking its 32 years by rolling out new products, one of which is the PlasmaCluster Ion (PCI) Technology which, the company claims, helps clean indoor air and make it healthy by deactivating airborne viruses, allergens and bacteria using a pioneering air-purification technology.

The technology is supposed to “mimic” the way nature cleans the air, with positive and negative ions that effectively break down and deactivate harmful airborne substances, deodorize the room at twice the speed, and eliminates 99-percent airborne microbes while providing better moisture to the skin.

[pq]Sharp has also equipped its Deluxe Split-Type air-conditioners with the PCI technology, making the air it produces 99-percent safe from airborne allergens, viruses, and bacteria.[/pq]


PCI can also be found in select Sharp refrigerator units.


– DFF, Medical Observer