Lifetrack Medical Systems Now Caters to More Enterprise-level Diagnostic Radiology Needs

Lifetrack Medical Systems Now Caters to More Enterprise-level Diagnostic Radiology Needs

Backed by AWS cloud, the company’s Lifesys™ RIS/PACS software expands globally

Only a few months after its introduction in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) summit in May 2016, Lifetrack Medical Systems has already announced an upgrade to their radiology technology solution – a cloud-based software that has been greatly benefiting the field of radiology in and outside the country.

As a digital healthcare services company established in the Philippines in 2012, Lifetrack Medical Systems has continuously been looking for innovative ways to tackle the concerning issue of insufficient radiology experts around the world, particularly in the provision of diagnostic and professional services. Its software back in May was already capable of connecting senior radiologists to residents across various locations in the world, providing real-time education and diagnostic consultation that lessens the time it would normally take to make case readings.

The company’s software upgrade speeds up the process even more. With the development of Lifesys™ RIS/PACS software, the company has shown a capacity to leverage on the AWS cloud computing infrastructure to quickly come up with new features and deploy these to multiple sites at once.

New features that would usually take at least six months to set up using on-premise servers and expensive hardware systems can now be deployed within minutes. The company states that this facilitates radiological diagnosis and further speeds up response time of radiologists to doctors and patients anywhere in the world.

“With AWS global cloud platform, we have now expanded to Indonesia, India, and Bangladesh,” said Dr. Schulze, Founder and CEO of Lifetrack Medical Systems. “By training more highly-proficient radiologists using our borderless cloud-based solutions, health symptoms can be analyzed and detected much more accurately and swiftly, leading to more lives being saved early.”

Faced with only around 1,500 radiologists per 100 million Filipinos in the Philippines alone, Lifetrack Medical Systems is optimistic that its software upgrades will entice medical institutions and other concerned organizations to help solve the issues of scarcity of technologies that utilize existing radiologists. Ayala Corporation’s FamilyDOC retail clinics, Healthway Medical and other medical institutions have already partnered with Lifetrack for the use of the software.

Overseas, the company has expanded to the US, India, Indonesia and Bangladesh. It is on the verge of reaching more countries via the AWS cloud platform, expanding to regions such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Africa, the Middle East, and South America over the next few years.

About Lifetrack Medical Systems
Lifetrack Medical Systems is a Philippines-based start-up that provides professional radiology services as well as a cloud-based Radiology Information System, Picture Archiving and Communications System (RIS PACS) healthcare software solutions. The company’s newly patented enterprise version 2.0 Lifesys™ RIS/PACS software is being used in the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and India, with installations about to start in Vietnam and Cambodia. Their Enterprise version 2.0 makes it possible for customers and patients to access high-quality radiologists in all these countries with high reliability and speed 24x7x365. Lifetrack Medical Systems uses the highly-resilient AWS Regions in Singapore, US West, and India, to serve all its customers.