Hypertension: the ‘Heart’ of the Matter

Hypertension: the ‘Heart’ of the Matter


MANILA, PHILIPPINES – The prevalence of hypertension in the country has significantly grown in recent years, and the need to address it should all the more be prioritized, especially with the lack of awareness, treatment, compliance, and blood pressure (BP) control rates among hypertensive patients in the country. 

This health concern was confirmed by a recent report conducted by Dr. Jorge Sison and his colleagues from the Philippine Heart Association – Council on Hypertension (COH).

They revealed that…

[pq]…28% of adult Filipinos have hypertension, adding that the number is still increasing despite treatment advances and that majority of those being treated have poor BP control.[/pq]


In fact, early this year, Department of Health (DOH) Undersecretary Teodoro Herbosa warned the public that heart attack and stroke are still among the top leading causes of death in the country.

The DOH also revealed that more than 276 Filipinos die of heart disease on a daily basis and at least one Filipino suffers from stroke every nine minutes. Survivors have a 75% chance of becoming permanently disabled.

q31It is for this reason that Pfizer, Inc. (Philippines) spearheaded today’s discussion entitled, “The Pressure is on: The growing burden of hypertension and Olmesartan-based solutions.” The latest guidelines on hypertension management will also be presented, with the aim to save more lives. Leading the discussion are Dr. Sison and German professor Roland Schmieder.

“Heart diseases remain as the top leading cause of mortality in the country. We therefore see the need to address this medical concern by providing the latest epidemiology of hypertension through the discussion of the results of the Prevalence Survey titled, ‘PRESYON 3,’” said Dr. Cris Dumo, infectious disease specialist and medical director of Pfizer.

“This study, conducted by the team of Dr. Sison, establishes the need for better control of hypertension through the dissemination of latest statistics on hypertension detection, treatment, and control rates in the country,” he added.

Meanwhile, Professor Schmieder will talk about “Hypertension Management and Olmesartan-based Therapies,” and will discuss the rationale for different drug classes of anti-hypertensive medications.

Hypertension is just one of the many life-threatening diseases that Pfizer Philippines addresses.  More than just manufacturing quality medicines against hypertension, Pfizer also raises public awareness on the disease through information dissemination.