When a Negative Mind Blossoms

When a Negative Mind Blossoms


MIND SHRINK – The hype again of famous names in show business who commit suicide is the buzz of the town. At the hindsight, what is this disorder called depression? What drives people to say goodbye to a life full of drama and fame?

Sad to say that people are only made aware of suicide when someone kills himself.

[pq]According to WHO, 1 in 4 people will suffer from mental illness at some time in their life. Nearly 900,000 people commit suicide every year.[/pq]


The stigma in mental health prevents other people to seek help.

A child who’s not doing well in school because of bullying; a teenager who was sexually harassed, which drove her to isolate herself from others; a man who was broken-hearted who feels like he could no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel; these are situationers that if left unresolved can result to more serious conditions.

[pq]Depression is not based on the strength of character. It has many faces, which could range from being truly sad or manic.[/pq]


Crying spells, looking blankly in space, refusal to talk to others, and feeling sad may be observed. A person sees herself not enjoying zhumba anymore or watching his favorite basketball team. He feels guilty of not being a good parent or feeling not worthy enough of the love of a partner. There are feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, and unworthiness, which gnaw his inner soul. His mind is empty as it seemed to get stuck – up there. Unmoving and unnerving sadness, which grope into the inner depths of his soul.

BLURB 2A blank space with no answers as to the why’s in life and mysteries that has never-ending enigma. These were the verbalizations of the character of sadness of the lost souls. It is when the GRIP FOR LIFE loosens that suicidal thoughts comes in.

The thoughts of death should be terminated or else it will roll over and over again into the canopies of the active negative mind. It has to be interrupted for the breath of life to come in. Helping hands, assuring human clasps and listening ears can help the negative mind not to be lead astray and fall into the depths of oblivion and darkness.

Yes there is hope for the negative mind. The chemical imbalance can be handled with therapy and medicines. The suicidal mind could be silenced by the care of the family and the psychiatrists. Hold on to the grip. Other hands will be there to hold and help. It is never too late to ask help.


– Dr. Babes Arcena