Lallo Propagates ‘Citronella’ to Fight Dengue

Lallo Propagates ‘Citronella’ to Fight Dengue


LALLO, Cagayan, Sept. 4 (PIA) – – The Rural Improvement Club (RIC)  here has initiated the propagation and massive planting of ‘Citronella’ (Cymbopogon) grass found to be effective in eradicating dengue carrying mosquitoes.

The  club advocated the mass propagation of the citronella plant in schools, barangay communal gardens as well as in the backyard of residences.

The  plant, commonly known as lemon grass,  has the ability to repel insects  while  its oil is used as a pesticide and a preservative, research shows.
“We hope that with this endeavor, we could help make our community a green and healthy one for our constituents. Gratefully, we have the whole community to support. We are having more plans of what we can do with citronella, and with collaboration with our partners, we hope we can do more, “ board member and club President Olivia Pascual said.

She said that  aside from its use as insect repellant, by-products  like soaps, candles and oils can be derived from the plant.

Moreover,  Asian cuisines also use the plant as a medical and culinary herb  on  teas, soups, and curries. (ALM/OTB/PIA-2 Cagayan)