Heal with Compassion, Integrity, Doctors Urged 

Heal with Compassion, Integrity, Doctors Urged 


MANILA, PHILIPPINES – It’s not just about, clearing sores, or binding wounds, fighting fevers, fixing broken bones or limbs or zapping viruses. It’s the after care, doctor-patient interface, and medical institution-community engagement.

The medical profession should not be merely about providing cure to the sick; it should also be about “healing the land” by raising the bar of practice with integrity and compassion.

hIn short, doctoring is more than curing what ails a person but addressing what sickens society as a whole.

Dr. Anthony Leachon,PCP president, said doctors should somewhat emulate national hero Dr. Jose Rizal in taking the lead for continuous enhancement of their profession while also promoting education or awareness among fellow Filipinos without losing integrity and compassion.

“Committing to our dream of becoming a physician, healer, comforter and hope-giver, a doctor should also be a leader, expert, educator (teacher), and hero,” Leachon told reporters during the three-day 45th Philippine College of Physicians annual convention.

He added that doctors should continue evolving or commit for continuous learning to enhance their profession, which was somehow tainted in the past years and recently due to some controversies and issues such as sex videos and problems with the Bureau of Internal Revenue involving some members of the medical profession.

The PCP chief noted that, with all those controversies that were reported like some colleague doctors perceived to be irresponsible citizens or non-compliant, doctors’ integrity and moral ascendancy were somehow put to in doubt.

“As we move on in our personal and professional journeys, we realize that our ‘blissful dream’ of becoming a doctor requires us to be a distinguished practitioner with INTEGRITY,” he stressed.

h2He said that living with integrity means “speaking the truth, even though it may create conflict or tension; behaving in ways that are in harmony with a doctor’s personal values; and making choices on what they personally believe in and not what others believe”.

The PCP head added that doctors should take the moment to inform, influence and inspire the nation through promotion of preventive health education to promote a culture of wellness so that others may live longer.

He said the phrase “The doctor is in” can really be felt in its deepest meaning or become a relevant if doctors aspire to be always available and accessible to his countrymen, constantly serving others better, and be passionate in contributing to the building of a healthier and happier Philippines.

Towards this goal, he said the PCP and the Philippine Medical Association  signed a Memorandum of Agreement on the third and culminating day of the May 11-13 convention.

The agreement signing between the two biggest groups of doctors in the country meant to support the Code of Ethics formulated by the global pharmaceutical industry and called on their members to always uphold the professional and ethical standards in dealing with the pharmaceutical industry and other healthcare stakeholders.

“Our essential role as doctors is to protect our ability to care for our patients. We should not tolerate inappropriate actions and unethical practices of medicine that place our entire profession at risk. We should hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards within the practice of medicine,” Leachon said.


– DFF, Medical Observer

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