Getting Rid of Gallstones, Now Fast and Cheap

Getting Rid of Gallstones, Now Fast and Cheap

QUEZON CITY, PHILIPPINES – Instead of suffering the gut-wrenching pain the disorder causes, patients can now have the gall to have it removed promptly and cheaply.

Quite thankfully, gallstone, a painful digestive disorder, is treatable and the cost of operation and treatment would not be a big burden on the pocket of the patient nowadays.

Thus stressed a health expert in a forum on gallstones titled held at the Philippine Medical Association Auditorium in North Avenue, Quezon City as part of its founding celebration this September.

Dr. Anthony R. Perez, a surgeon from the Philippine General Hospital, St. Luke’s, and Asian Hospital, gallstones are small, hard deposits that form in the gallbladder, a sac-like organ that lies under the liver in the upper right side of the abdomen.

Doctor Perez said…

[pq]…the cost for the removal of gallstones nowadays is not as high before and can be even be had without paying anything if the patient is a holder of a PhilHealth (Philippine Health Insurance) card.[/pq]

“If a patient is in a charity ward of a government hospital, the cost for the surgery usually ranges from P30,000 to P40,000. If the patient is covered with PhilHealth, about P31,000 is covered by it,” Perez said.

He noted that at the Capitol Medical Center in Quezon City, patients are not charged anything if they are covered by PhilHealth.

He said it is important that gallstones, which block the bile ducts of the patient, should be removed because in case of an infection, it may threaten the life of the patient due to very high fever and severe abdominal pain, back ache, and pain on  the right shoulder of the patient.

qGallstone can form when cholesterol and other things found in bile ducts of the gall bladder harden and make stones.

It can also form if the gallbladder does not empty as it should since it is blocked by gallstones.

A common manifestation of the presence of gallstones is when the skin and white part of the eye of a patient becomes yellowish similar to a person with hepatitis and whose urine is dark like tea or even darker.

Another symptom is a bloated feeling after eating which many mistake for a gastro-intestinal problem.

The patient may verify if he or she has gallstone by undergoing ultrasound and upon consultation with the physician.

Perez said patients should immediately seek consultation if they suspect that they may have gallstones.

And the best way to prevent the formation of gallstones?

Avoid or lessen the intake of foods rich in cholesterol.


– DFF, Medical Observer


  1. I read this article and I get messages from I girl I send money to help her to study in the Phillipines.
    I know the difference between rich and poor is big there in your country.

    But now she send me message her Mama has gallstones and need surgery. They make echo.

    But now the sad part because they have no health insurence and almost not money they work hard but get less money is form of modern slavery !!
    That means no money you die..sad country and the social help for health of all kind of more poor people is even bad.

    Just my opinion because it make me much sad…

  2. I forget I come from The Netherlands.

    And I´m willing to help this poor woman but it stay sad the social health…in your country