DOH Reports Confirmed Case of Zika

DOH Reports Confirmed Case of Zika


Secretary Paulyn Jean B. Rosell Ubial today announced that a 45-year-old female, married, non-pregnant from Iloilo City was the first confirmed case of Zika in 2016 as reported to the DOH Secretary this afternoon. This case was most likely due to local transmission since there was no history of travel to any affected country in the past two weeks.
Zika First Case inPH

“On August 31, she presented with skin rash and joint pains not accompanied by fever. She was confined in a local hospital where urine and blood were collected. She was subsequently discharged the following day. She tested positive for both specimens. Currently, she is at home recovering from her very mild illness. The tests were done at RITM. The Department of Health (DOH) expects additional cases after intensifying its surveillance efforts,” Secretary Ubial explained

Zika is primarily transmitted through the bite of Aedes mosquito. Sexual transmission has been reported in other countries. Zika presents with a very mild illness but has caused neurologic defects (microcephaly) in babies born of infected mothers.

The DOH has coordinated with local officials to intensify mosquito control efforts including targeted fogging.

Secretary Ubial reminds everyone to be “Good Citizens” by avoiding mosquito bites to protect against Zika and to prevent its spread. It is also very important that mosquito breeding sites are destroyed. Mosquito precautions should be observed by travelers as well as residents. These should include use of approved insect repellents, wearing of clothing that prevent skin exposure to mosquito bites and use of mosquito bed nets. The same measures will also protect us from dengue and chikungunya.

Anyone who presents with skin rash with any of the following: fever, red eyes, or joint pains should seek consult at any government health facility. All pregnant women are advised to consult anytime.

“The key to Zika prevention is heightened vigilance and stronger community efforts of every households.” Secretary Ubial concluded.