Make Voyeurs a Vanishing Breed

Make Voyeurs a Vanishing Breed

Do it the old-fashioned way – behind closed doors

If idle minds are the Devil’s playground, then his fun is made  complete with high-resolution cell-phone cameras with ultra-speed Internet uplinks.

Lives destroyed — reputations ruined, relations or marriages broken, jobs lost, future dim.

It all begins with an overpowering urge to record what ought to be a very private act using a very public tool – a smart phone.

Make voyeurs a vanishing breed’_blurbIn a voyeur society, everything and everyone is fair game.

But once the image, slide show or video streaming is uploaded on the web, it leaves a permanent electronic trail – no amount of effort can delete or erase your “home-made X-rated movie”.

Actors, comedians, musicians, and, yes, even doctors have been caught on video and became famous/infamous all over the worldwide web doing all sorts of bodily contortions and making strange sounds doing the sexual act.

But when released for global viewing without the consent of either parties to the act, the whole crude cinematic production turns it into a shameful show.

Demeaning, dehumanizing, disgusting.

Those are the comments often heard from people after newsbreaks of famous and highly profiled personalities of their sex videos.

Copies are freely sold and bought on the streets and along sidewalks.

Now, sadly it is going viral through mobile phones via the Internet.And they sell like hot cakes.

Viewers can see naked bodies gradually merging in a rhythmic and spasmodic motion.

How does one explain the irresistible urge to make, watch, and upload  sex videos?

What fix – psychological, emotional, etc. – does it give the producer and viewer?

Sex videos often times depict the hunky male in his glorious conquer of finishing the sexual act with ejaculation with the notion that the more seminal fluid he exhumes, the more virile he can be to the female species.

Or a well-endowed lady in a seductive lingerie about to be possessed until she is on her birthday suit and intertwined sexually with her partner.

But some of the “porn stars” featured are not even GQ or FHM material, but they do it anyway.

Is it to each his/her own fix? A case of different strokes for different folks?

What is fetishism? According to Freud, the fetish serves as a symbol of the phallus (the penis) to persons with unconscious castration fears.

Based on Kaplan, in fetishism, the sexual focus is on objects like shoes and stockings that are intimately associated with the human body.

Or is it in the realm of voyeurism?

The layman would term it as ‘Peeping Toms’ with the DSM IV -TR criteria of having recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges or behaviors involving the act of observing an unsuspecting person who is naked, in the process of disrobing, or engaging in sexual activity.

Or is having sex videos a form of sexual addiction showing out-of- control sexual behavior?

These sex addicts run into a gamut of high-risk sexual behavior and impulsivity which create a deleterious effect in their lives.

Alas, unraveling the mysteries of sex videos is like linking connections in the cobwebs in the minds of the doers.

Could it be for just pleasure, conquest, or “selfie” reasons?

We do not have any research data yet about this behavior.

[pq]Having sex should be an ennobling, fulfilling, and satisfying ritual in the abyss of your mind and in your heart.[/pq]


Remember that the mind is the most powerful tool or medium of sexual fulfillment.

And memories – not mammaries – are all you need to cherish the intimate moment.


– Dr. Babes Arcena