Addressing Common Skin Problems in Kids

Addressing Common Skin Problems in Kids


Bug bites and insect stings. Warn your kids not to scratch – this will break the skin, allowing germs to enter the body more easily and possibly cause an infection. Apply an ointment or cream to fight the itch.

Cuts, scratches, and scrapes. Wash these with warm water and mild soap, and cover cuts wit a bandage to help keep them clean. You may also apply an antibiotic cream or ointment, although use this with caution and ask for your doctor’s advice first. Take your kids to the hospital if their cuts are deeper and more serious.


Allergies and rashes. Your kids’ skin may get irritated or they may develop an allergic reaction after using certain skin products (like some brands of soap) or eating certain types of food. Apply ointment or make them take an antihistamine (but ask for your doctor’s advice first), and remind them to avoid using the products or eating the goods that cause their allergic reactions.

Acne. Tell your kids to avoid touching their pimples and to wash their faces daily with soap and warm water. They should wash their faces gently and not scrub them harshly. They can also apply a mild cleanser. Take them to a dermatologist if they develop a severe case of acne.

Burns. Run cool (not cold) water over the burnt area or press a clean cold compress onto the burn for around three to five minutes. Do not apply ice since it can make the burn take longer to heal. For treatment of more serious burns, take your kids to the hospital immediately.

Dandruff. Dandruff can actually be considered a skin problem, not just a hair problem. Make your kids use shampoos that are specially formulated to fight dandruff, or ask your doctor to suggest a medicated shampoo.

Eczema. Your kids are more likely to develop eczema (another itchy, dry skin condition) if they have asthma, hay fever, or other allergies. Make them use a moisturizing cream or, more importantly, take them to a dermatologist.

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