10 Do’s and Don’ts to Ensure Proper Wound Healing

10 Do’s and Don’ts to Ensure Proper Wound Healing


Here are 10 tips in treating your child’s wound.


1.  Do clean your child’s wound properly.  Clear flowing water cleans wounds the best.



2. Don’t use hydrogen peroxide.  It cleanses the wounds but destroys new skin cells that immediately begin to grow after having a cut.  This solution can also slow down the healing process.



3. Do apply gentle pressure on a cut using a clean cloth or bandage.  Applying pressure on a cut doesn’t allow the collagen to pop up above the skin when a wound is healing.



4. Don’t let your kids stay too long under the sun. Ultraviolet rays may slow the healing process and may discolor the scar.  If your child’s skin is sensitive and healing, it is more prone to discoloration.



5. Do massage your kid’s wound.  Massaging the area of the cut evenly using your fingers can aid in the breakdown of collagen.  This way, scars will not form, or at least become less noticeable.



6. Don’t leave the dressing unchanged. You must change them at least once a day.  You can use adhesive bandages, adhesive free dressings, or sterile gauze and paper tape.



7. Do tell your children not to scratch the wound.  Scratching can irritate or reopen a cut. Always remember that itching is normal in the healing process.



8. Don’t pick at scabs because they protect wounds from dirt.  Scabs fall off in due time, particularly when the wound is healed.



9. Do seek medical attention if the wound appears to worsen.  If it looks red and has discharge, it is possible that your child’s wound is infected.  It is also important to observe if the wound is swelling and causing increased pain.



10. If the wounds are large and unsightly and are likely to form a keloid, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor.  Some treatments need to be started as soon as possible to ensure that the scar fades properly.  A scar remover in gel form that promotes the gradual fading of scars is a good bet, but get a doctor’s advice first.

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