Secretary Ubial: Cuban Health Care System, A Great Model to Follow for the Philippines

Secretary Ubial: Cuban Health Care System, A Great Model to Follow for the Philippines


Health Secretary Paulyn Jean B. Rosell-Ubial reported today to President Duterte that Philippines can implement several of the best practices she had observed in the Cuban health care system.

Secretary Ubial was in Cuba last August 23-26, 2016 to observe and study the famously efficient can cost-effective Cuban health care system.

Among the major achievements of the Cuban health care system are the following: efficient and effective primary and preventive health care deliveries due to the political will of the government; low-cost of medicines; good quality of maternal and child care; and the noteworthy ratio of health care professionals to the Cuban population.

“President Duterte wants the health care system under his administration to be accessible to all Filipinos. The President has the objective of making the health care system one of the major pillars and anchors of his administration as we all strive for development and progress,” Secretary Ubial said.

The health chief added that the Cuban health system has been praised and cited extensively as one of the best example of an efficient and cost-effective health care delivery system which is accessible to all, regardless of economic status

“As a country attempting to change and reform our health care system to be more accessible and accountable to all Filipinos from all social classes, I went to Cuba with specific instructions from President Duterte to study the best practices of the Cuban health care system. The President told me to implement to the Philippines policies and practices that we can use from the Cuban health care experience,” Secretary Ubial added.

Notwithstanding the financial and other limitations of the Cuban health care system, it is acknowledged for its capability to cater to the health care needs of the Cuban people. It has been noted that the Cuban health care system is comparable if not better than most developed countries in terms of health care deliveries.

During her official visit, Secretary Ubial interacted and met with Cuban health care authorities and visited health care facilities and training institutions.

The World Health Organization (WHO) facilitated the official visit following President Duterte’s pronouncements.