In line with the mission of Medical Observer Philippines to provide Health For All, It will now bring your health check-ups to the next level.

Most Filipinos would only get their check up for two reasons:

1. Because it is mandatory by their company or representation
2. Because they can no longer bear the pain from an undiagnosed ailment

More often than not, Filipinos do not get their check up for the purpose of preventing a disease, rather, they go to the hospital to get treated for a disease.

The lack of knowledge and information available to the public in regards to healthcare, symptoms of certain illnesses, and precautionary steps to deal with incidents, etc. lead to fatalities that could have been avoided in the first place if the right knowledge was applied to such situations.

With this in mind, Medical Observer will kickstart a project that aims to further reach its Health For All Mission — utilizing its clout in the digital ground. If Filipinos find it difficult and inconvenient to get checked up in a hospital, we will bring their check up to where they are — the social media and online space.

#CyberHealthCheck is an Interactive Online Medical Show that aims to give answer to common health questions of the public by connecting people to medical experts via social media and other online platforms.

How Does It Work?

• Every month, starting 2014, we will discuss certain health topics that are usual concerns of Filipinos with experts from the medical industry and record them.

• ALL questions that will be asked to the guests will be coming from you using social media and our website.

We will provide one post on Facebook and one specific Hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to collate your questions a couple of days before the videoshoot.

• The final video will be posted in the Medical Observer website under the #CyberHealthCheck Category every 3rd week of the month.

• Aside from the video, an article will be released to summarize the questions and answers altogether.