#CyberHealthCheck 1: Addressing Heart Conditions

#CyberHealthCheck 1: Addressing Heart Conditions


In the spirit of the celebration of hearts this month of February, we have decided to make a medical version of the occasion.

The first CyberHealthCheck webisode tackles the heart… Heart Conditions to be exact.

After crowdsourcing questions from our social media platforms, the Medical Observer team was able to summarise all the inquiries and had them answered by our subject field expert, Dra. Mary Lou Cera-Garcia, Cardiologist from St. Luke’s Medical Center.

Dr. Garcia explains and elaborates in the video below all the concerns brought up by our participating audience.



We received more than 100 inquiries in 3 days, but mostly asking similar concerns. Here are some of the questions raised during the crowdsourcing process. (click image to view properly)





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  1. treament of stress-heart attack???