Avoid Heat Stroke this Holy Week – DOH

Avoid Heat Stroke this Holy Week – DOH


The Department of Health (DOH) today advises the public to take precaution as it joins the nation in the observance of Holy Week.

For those traveling during the Holy Week, it is best to bring first aid kits and medicines along with other necessities as a safety precaution. It is important to check the roadworthiness of the vehicle, avoid speeding and make sure seatbelts are fastened or helmets and other protective gears are properly worn.

“Prepare for the Visita Iglesia by bringing bottled water to keep you hydrated, well-packed foods that do not easily spoil, and umbrella to protect you from the ultraviolet rays as you visit churches,” Health Secretary Francisco T. Duque III reminded the public. He added that by doing these simple tips, one can avoid diseases common during summer.

Avoid bringing small children or babies in crowded places to prevent them from contracting diseases, as they have weaker resistance against infections compared to adults.

People with high blood pressure and other diseases which can be aggravated by severe heat and too much sun exposure are advised to take their maintenance medicines everyday and to stay at home, especially between 10AM to 3PM, when the temperature is at its peak.

The DOH also reminds the public of the risks associated with using unsterilized sharp nails and other sharp objects during flagellations.