Heart Attack During Sex

Heart Attack During Sex


ADULT HEALTH – Just like any physical activity, sexual intercourse can trigger a heart attack particularly in men with cardiovascular disease or with a family history of heart condition. Such cases, however, occur in less than one percent of heart attacks, according to a 2006 study by Harvard Medical School.

“Heart attack happens during sex when you are overly stimulated and the hearts tries to compensate by beating harder and faster, when your physical activity is abrupt and vigorous and maybe violent, and when you’re not physically conditioned or fit at the time—you’re dead tired, severely fatigued, and stressed at work,” Expert explains.

a51The use or misuse of certain also place the ticker in a precarious position. Who hasn’t heard of the 28-year-old man who dropped dead after downing a bottle of viagra and engaging in a 12-hour orgy? At least he died in the throes of passion. Expert noted that even regular stimulants like coffee may jeopardize an already compromised heart.

Sometimes even who you’re doing it with may be a significant factor. “A lot of times we’ve heard of people dying during sex with a unfamiliar partner. You do it clandestinely, so there’s a certain anxiety or apprehension of getting caught.” He adds on top of the emotional stress, there’s also probably the desire to impress the partner by outperforming.

As a precaution, the person may take nitroglycerine before getting hot and heavy with his partner. “It’s a small tablet that is placed under the tongue. It dilates the blood vessels so more blood can pass through them even if the blood vessels are obstructed to start with,” Experts says. Letting the sexual act build gradually would also help reduce the risk of an attack.

Some doctors also advise against the missionary position in men with heart problems, because it may cause fluids to accumulate in the lungs.

After suffering a heart attack, experts taking a three-to four-week break from sex is recommended. For some, being celibate that long can be a trial in itself. But by keeping their zippers up, they may just prevent the possibility of being caught dead with their pants down.