Why Hygiene Matters

Why Hygiene Matters


Experts agree about the importance of hygiene and good grooming for children—so needful for kids to look good, smell nice, stay healthy, be happy, stem the causes of, and win against diseases.

For our children, proper hygiene plus grooming translates to good physical appearance and good health—we parents try to live by the same principle that we pass on to our kids.

Experts point out that more than half of illnesses and deaths among children are caused by germs that get into kids’ mouths through contaminated water, food, or dirty hands. Also, many of these germs come from human and animal feces.

hygieneMany illnesses like diarrhea—the top killer of children five years old and below—can be prevented by good hygiene practices that a caring mom or dad can impart to their kids.

The basics of good hygiene are easy-to-learn habits that make sense: dump all “poo-poo” into a toilet or latrine; wash hands with soap and water after defecating or handling children’s feces, and before feeding children or touching food; and keep away animal feces from the house, paths, wells, and children’s playgrounds.

In certain tropical and eastern cultures, newborns are seen as reincarnated beings, either ancestors or gods who wish to live among humans.

In seeing infants as embodiments of the divine, caring for children in such cultures is nearly a daily ritual short of worship.

We do similarly: lavishly preening and pampering “God’s rays of sunshine,” “our bundles of joy,” “the God-sent blessings.” The natural task of keeping your babies fresh and clean becomes not a tiresome chore but a moment-to-moment celebration.

And that much fussing and showering of quality time over your cherished babies inevitably shape their attitude, their good sense, even their character—all done in keeping with good health, proper hygiene, and sound grooming.

As in ages past, safe and uncontaminated freshwater—for bathing, cooking, and cleaning—remains in scant supply as greater volumes are used to grow crops and keep industries humming alive. Even so, we have stocked up more knowledge on better ways to keep ourselves and our children well groomed, good-looking, and clean.

[pq]Cleanliness is the first step to wellness.[/pq]


Teaching your children good grooming and proper hygiene is a lot more than looking good and looking well. If your children feel good about how they look and feel, they can do better as adults.

It would help them to develop self-esteem and provide them with a sense of well-being. It makes your children feel confident and in control of themselves.

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