Top PH Universities for Doctors Named

Top PH Universities for Doctors Named


The House Committee on Higher and Technical Education has credited the nation’s leading schools for doctors of medicine, based on the outstanding performance of their graduates in the last two Physician Licensure Examinations administered by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

Pasig City Rep. Roman Romulo, committee chairman, identified the top producers of would-be medical doctors as follows (with the percentage of their examinees passing the last two professional eligibility tests in brackets):

·        University of the Philippines-Manila (100%);

·        Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (100%);

·        Ateneo de Manila University (100%);

·        Cebu Institute of Medicine (100%);

·        University of Santo Tomas (98.88%);

·        University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center (96.80%);

·        Cebu Doctors’ University (95.74%);

·        West Visayas State University-La Paz (95.29%);

·        Xavier University-Cagayan de Oro (93.94%);

·        Cagayan State University-Tuguegarao (86.36%); and

·        University of St. La Salle-Bacolod (85.71%).

Citing PRC statistics, Romulo said at least 80 percent of the examinees who graduated from the above-mentioned 11 schools passed the last two Physician Licensure Examinations.

Romulo’s panel has been publicizing the best performing universities for every program, so as to help consumers — students and their parents — decide where they will likely get the best value for college tuition payments.

[pq]Commission on Higher Education records show that the country has 38 higher institutions of learning accredited to train prospective doctors.[/pq]



According to the PRC, some 74.65 percent, or 2,259 out of 3,026 examinees, passed the Physician Licensure Examinations in February 2014 and August 2013.


  1. Do you consider the last 2 physician licensure exams as the gauge for the Top PH schools? A more sensible or credible write-up would be to get the average passing percentage for the last 2 decades. This article is just like the SWS running a survey for a certain national issue with only 5 or less respondents.

  2. The PLE is a poor measure of medical excellence. It has a lot of nonsensical questions that have no bearing in forming quality doctors for the country.

  3. this is funny, last 2 years as a gauge seriously? it should be more than that last 10 or even 30 years would have been better since it will be a true measurement of consistency. it should also include the number of doctors each school has produced that are now in the major hospitals, government or health sectors and in the international scene.

  4. agree with Pedro. also the number of examinees should be considred, that’s why even PRC categorizes passing rates per certain brackets of number of examinees.

  5. Couldn’t agree more on this!

  6. How could this even be credible if you don’t take into account the number of medical students enrolled in the university… So if you have 2 students and they both passed the med exams, then the school would be ranked among the top universities since it had a 100 percent passing rate..

  7. Parameters used in this study are not significant. Take into consideration the performance of schools for 5-10 years. The results of Feb and August should have different studies because we all know that feb boards have a small number of test takers and some schools dont participate during feb/august boards.

    Dont let a congressman do the job of a statistician for god’s sake! Pa epal na naman

  8. Pasig city Rep. Romulo

    ASMPH is in Pasig.. hmmmmm ano kaya ang pahiwatig? Kaya ba aug 2013 and feb 2014 lang ang part ng study? This should be a 5-10 year study

  9. Para walang away:
    #1 – UP Manila – PGH
    #2 – others
    #3 – others
    #4 – others

    1 yr, 2 yrs, 10 yrs, 50 yrs…. It doesn’t matter. UP Manila will remain as the undisputed No. 1 medical school. It’s because of both the quality of education, and the quality of students. Years from now, it will still be the same. Period.

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