Flawless Healing When Scar’s The Limit

Flawless Healing When Scar’s The Limit


Each year, over 200 million incisions are made on children and adults all over the world and they all end up in a scar. Approximately 30% of the time, the scars are pathologic (hypertrophic scar or keloid).

While fetal wounds heal without scarring, a normal “fine line” scar is the clinical outcome of an undisturbed wound healing in adults. Alterations in the orchestrated wound healing process result in hypertrophic or keloid scarring.

The notion that scars fade over time may be true but statistics show that…

[pq]…over 100 million patients in advanced countries develop scars and 42 million of them are candidates for scar reduction therapy.[/pq]


These unpleasant persisting scars significantly affect patients psychologically and most of them are unhappy with their resulting scars. Women with scars often feel a loss of attractiveness and femininity, associated negative emotions with scars, and feel insecure in their own skin.

The emotional burden results in the unwillingness of some patients to undergo surgery, and in order to eliminate such burden, it is imperative to also eliminate the physical scars.

ContractubexExtract Cepae + Heparin Sodium + Allantoin (Contractubex®) has been effectively treating scars for the past 50 years in over 60 countries, earning for itself the distinction of being the bestselling scar treatment regularly recommended by doctors around the world. Its unique combination of three active ingredients works its way deep into the scar, reducing the mark from within and resulting to a nearly invisible blemish.

The world’s most popular scar gel prevents the formation of excessive scar tissue; reduces redness, itching and the feeling of tension; as well as improves elasticity and makes the scar smoother. It is generally used after abrasions, cuts or lacerations; surgeries; burns or scalds; and laser treatments such as tattoo removal.

Its efficacy has been proven in numerous clinical studies and high satisfaction ratings from patients, making it the standard of quality in the treatment of scars and the brand that experts trust.

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