Sick Days, Away

Sick Days, Away

Parental love may be the best reason, but here are other, more practical issues for you to consider:

1. Medicines are getting more and more expensive. As they say, Mahirap na ngayon ang magkasakit.

2. When your kids are sick, they have to work double time just to catch with up their school work. They may also miss some lessons taught in class.

3. You don’t want your kids to grow up relying too much on medicines, which should only be taken sparingly. Drugs, even those sold over the counter, can trigger adverse reactions in some people, particularly among children, since they are physically more vulnerable than adults. The side effects may be felt immediately or over the long term.

4. When your kids frequently suffer from the common cold, flu, and other common illnesses, their immature immune system will be overworked, and its development may be compromised. A minor disease may even progress to a complicated medical condition.

5. You may have to miss work just to take care of your kids when they’re sick—and this could translate to income loss.

6. Your children’s health affects their social growth. If they’re prone to illnesses, they’ll be missing out on a lot of events that can contribute to their social maturity, such as a best friend’s birthday party or their graduation.

7. Healthy kids have more opportunities to be physically active. When they get more exercise, they become stronger and less susceptible to common diseases.

8. When they are sick less often, they will have more time to take on new hobbies—such as sports, cooking, gardening—as well as to focus on and become good at them.

9. Their health influences their emotional disposition. Kids who grow up healthy are generally happier.

10. You will be less prone to worry. If you know that your kids are well protected from common illnesses, you can be assured that your kids will be safe during times when the flu or cold virus is going around. This way, you can focus on other aspects of their life.

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