Research on the brain shows that play is a platform for development, a vehicle for increasing neural structures, and a means by which all children practice skills they will need later in life, wrote Joan Packer Isenberg and Nancy Quinsenberry, of the US Association fro Childhood and Education International in their position paper: “Play: Essential for all Children”.

Play provides the conditions for learning, and so, the same research, according to the paper, somehow raises questions to those who view play as trivial, simple and frivolous, unimportant and purposeless behavior and challenges them to recognize play for what it is – a serious behavior that has a powerful influence on learning.

[pq]Have you seriously thought of play and toys as basic elements in your kids’ education?[/pq]



They are means through which they learn to understand the world around them. Basic skills in life are primarily learned through play and toys.

LET YOUR CHILDREN PLAY_blurbChild experts have identified a number of reasons behind the importance of play.

• Physical Development. When your children play, they are engaged in a physical activity, which is closely related to the development and refinement of his gross and fine motor skills, including body awareness. As they use their bodies during play, they are also able to refine and develop skills that make them confident, secure and self-assured.

• Social and emotional development. As your kids grow, they start to develop the basic need to belong and to feel part of a group. When they play with others, they satisfy these needs and develop these social and emotional skills. When they play with others, especially with kids his age, they are given the opportunity to match their behavior with their playmates. Through play, they get the opportunity to learn social skills, become sensitive to others, and manage their emotions and learn self-control.

• Cognitive Development. When you kids play, they are also able to develop their ability to acquire ability to focus, develop planning skills and attitude. Creativity and divergent thinking are also enhanced during play. They learn to take perspectives when they play, and memory and language development are enhanced.

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