Growth Stunting: When Your Child’s Growth Stops or Slows Down

Growth Stunting: When Your Child’s Growth Stops or Slows Down


GROWING KIDS – Although there are wide variations in how children grow and develop, this doesn’t mean that developmental problems don’t occur. If your children fail to thrive (poor weight gain) or are short (poor growth in height), what should you do?

[pq]There are several factors that contribute to your kids’ growth. If they are short, it does not necessarily mean they have a hormonal problem.[/pq]


It could be that members of the family – whether those coming from the mother’s or father’s side – are themselves small; therefore, it’s highly likely that the kids would also be small. In many cases, the slow and steady growth during middle childhood speeds up by puberty.

5But if growth seems to have stopped or slowed down considerably, then it is best to bring your kids to a pediatrician for assessment.

Among the health problems that may result in growth stunting are growth hormone deficiency, Turner ’s syndrome (caused by a missing chromosome in girls), Cushing’s Syndrome (caused by too much cortisol hormone), a thyroid problem, a kidney problem, or a brain tumor.

Meanwhile, poor weight gain may result from a number of factors. It is quite common for children at a certain age to be picky eaters. But if they continue with this practice for more than a week and start to appear sickly, they may have a health problem or eating disorder.

A pediatrician’s help is also necessary. The doctor would be able to tell if they are not growing at a healthy rate, and can decide on what would be best for them.

Remember, growing kids are works in progress. Remember to always find joy in each milestone that your children mark.

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