Early Consultation Prevents Mental Illness

Early Consultation Prevents Mental Illness



NEGROS OCCIDENTAL, July 15 (PIA6) – People who are experiencing early signs and symptoms of mental health problems must consult experts immediately to prevent it from worsening, the Philippine Mental Health Association (PMHA) here said.

Renato Lacanilao, president of PMHA – Bacolod and Negros Occidental chapter, said that there are manifestations that should serve as a warning to the family members of the individual experiencing mental health problems.

“You would know that a person needs to consult a psychiatrist when he has not been able to sleep for 3 consecutive days to a week,” Lacanilao said.

Upon observation, this person can be seen isolating himself from others while having a sudden decrease in appetite.

Likewise, the individual no longer has regard of his physical appearance, as he becomes untidy compared to before.

The individual is also suspicious of the people around him, while only interacting and talking to himself.

“Again, it is important that we take care of the matter immediately or else, it could lead to mental illness which would require lifetime treatment,” Lacanilao.

Lacanilao said PMHA’s office is open to the public, located in Bacolod City, behind the 888 Chinatown Square Mall.

They can also be contacted through phone at (034) 433-8868.

PMHA’s intensified campaign to help people with mental health issues was part of its 40th anniversary held on the last week of June this year.

The campaign was in partnership with the Provincial Health Office (PHO) here, which provided psychotropic drugs to patients in the province.

In addition, PHO’s mental health team also conducted consultations and psychotropic trainings in various inter-local health zones in the province. (JCM/CBA/PIA6-Negros Occidental)

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