Vaping Helps Smokers Kick The Habit

Vaping Helps Smokers Kick The Habit


OLD World explorers in search of lands beyond to conquer never had any inkling that the tobacco habit of natives of the New World had been restricted to leaders and spiritualists— tobacco pipes called calumets were lit to round out peace talks among leaders of warring nations, shamans and practitioners of healing arts sent out prayers and pleas to the divine for visions with nicotine puffs, and tobacco was revered as a sacred, God-given plant. Executors of the Holy Inquisition frowned upon the bringers of the habit, even throwing a nobleman into the dungeon for toying with was construed as the fires and fumes of hell.

The habit endured for centuries, despite motley maladies it had caused, even despite the mounting casualties it had heaped and continues to heap to this day.  It took a Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik whose father felled victim to cancer from smoking, to reconfigure the habit murderous to human health. He invented vaping for smokers to kick the habit, yet, still enjoy smoking.

Smokers intent to kick the habit can heed the counsel of Dr. Riccardo Polosa, go splurge yourself in smokes in vape shops—vaping leads inevitably to kicking the habit.

Polosa, a professor of internal medicine at Italy’s University of Catania runs two clinics for people keen on junking the tobacco habit. He points to vaping as a tool in reducing the harm that smokers inflict on themselves.

In a recent forum, he cited vaping’s benefits (1) improved quality of life due to better breath intake; (2) taste buds invigorated making food taste better; (3) improved dental health; (4) stable body weight; and (5) better lung performance.

Dr. Polosa said that many vapers see vaping as a transition to get rid of the cigarette: “It boosts self-esteem since when you try to quit smoking, it is not easy whereas the vaper can decide for himself when he is ready to quit.”

With some push from vaper shop owners, Dr. Polosa convinced two of every 5—or 40%– of vape shop regulars to quit smoking. The success rate nudged him to go for a national campaign for that lifestyle shift: “A friend can be a valuable asset in this change.”

In the United States, the shirking from the habit is about to hit a tipping point. Vaping has made that happen, as he points out that of some 6 million converts to vaping, over 50% have ditched the smoking habit.

The revolution has begun which pits the traditional tobacco manufacturing giants against a new industry which is turning up new products, less the hazards: “The advantage is that you can still mimic the smoking experience without taking the toxicants and carcinogenic substances in the smoke. This is the advantage of e-cigarettes and tobacco-heated products, that you can replace the whole smoking experience, the sensorial aspect of the experience, the social aspect of the experience, and the ritualistic gesture aspect of the experience.”

Not too many smokers are in that rarefied league of leaders and healers who ply out smokes to make peace or invoke the divine for tender mercies, thus, vaping would be here to stay. And win smokers over.

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